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How To Create Homescreen Icon -IPhone

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Click Here For Video of Step by Step Instructions

First, open your browser by tapping on the Safari icon, located on your iPhone or iPod touch Home Screen.

Your Safari browser window should now be displayed. Navigate to the Web page that you wish to add as a Home Screen icon. Once the desired page has finished loading select the Share button, located at the bottom of your screen and represented by a square and up arrow. The iOS Share Sheet should now be displayed. Scroll to the right, if necessary, and tap the choice labeled Add to Home Screen.

The Add to Home screen should now be displayed, containing the Web page’s URL, icon and title. This title text is editable and can be changed to whatever you desire. It is important, as this is the title which will be displayed on the device’s Home Screen. Once you are done, select the Add button. You should now be taken to the iOS Home Screen, where your new icon will be visible.

How To Add An Icon – Android

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Click Here For Video of Step by Step Instructions