How To Play Watch Ya Mouth Game

How To Play Watch Ya Mouth Game Kit Party Game


Directions How To Play Watch Ya Mouth Game : Login To The Members Only Site and Click Start When Ready To Start Play – NOT BEFORE!  You Really Don’t Want To See The Phrases Before Game Play!  Keep It Fair !

How To Play Watch Ya Mouth

How To Play Watch Ya Mouth Game

Choose teams of 2 when an even number of people are present. Alternatively you can split your group into two teams of 3 or 4.  Use the timer inside the app or an egg timer if you prefer.  Let the player read the phrase first and then start the timer as they attempt to say it immediately.  If you’re playing the Adult Phrases Version, you can offer each player one or two “free passes” to choose another phrase in case they are too “offended”, but that’s totally up to you!

Keep a written score sheet or use the check boxes located inside the apps.  All Check Boxes Inside the App are OPTIONAL

How To Play Watch Ya Mouth Game With Points:
  • Phrases with Black text are worth 1 point
  • Phrases with Red text are worth 2 points

Other Cool Things You Can Do With Your Cheek Retractors:

  • Send video text messages to friends! I keep one in my vehicle at work just for when the right occasion arises.
  • Inspect each other’s teeth and gums! Well duh, it is a dental cheek retractor, right?
  • Make hilarious home videos for Facebook or YouTube.
  • If you have a beard, try sliding your beard “through” the C shaped hoop for a cooler visual effect.
  • Have a Kissing Contest With Cheek Retractors in Place !
  • Cracker eating contest
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Drink With the Cheek Retractor in Place – Almost like a Shotgun Effect
  • Our Favorite – Play it as a drinking game – fail to guess the phrase? Everybody Drinks!  – 2 POINT Questions – Everybody Drinks TWICE !


  • It’s a good idea to mark your personal cheek retractor as soon as you have taken one for yourself. You can do this with a sharpie marker, piece of tape, yarn or whatever you like.
  • Maybe have a saucer or paper plate for each player to lay their cheek retractors on between turns…there may be saliva left overs…LOL
  • Give each player a towel or napkin with their paper plates ahead of time…they may drool a little throughout the game…
    Cheek retractors CAN Be WASHED and Re‐Used! Wash them just like you do all your other glassware or dishes with soap and hot water IN THE SINK!
  • They will only hold up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit so most dishwashers will work just fine as long as you don’t run them through a drying cycle.
  • Store in a Ziploc baggie – and again – Label it ahead of time!

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Try To Resist The Temptation To Read All The Phrases BEFORE You Play The Game!

If You READ the Phrases Prior To Game Play You Will


Hearing Them For The First Time

During Game Play Will Also Make Game Play


You Have Been Warned!

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